23, June 2017
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Autocross at COTA

Put your driving skills to the test at Circuit of the Americas! The autocross course will be designed to SCCA Solo II specifications by the Texas A&M Sports Car Club, who will be also providing timing and scoring for this event. The autocross will occur at the support paddock and skidpad area just inside of turns 13-16.

Gates will open at 8:00AM, with a brief tech inspection and drivers meeting. Make sure all loose items are removed from your vehicle, including floor mats and non-permanent subwoofers, radar detectors, etc. Also ensure that your battery is securely fastened and that your throttle return, brake action are functioning properly. Finally, ensure that there is no fluid leaks or missing lug nuts.

First car will take to the course at 9:30AM. The number of available runs will be determined by the number of registered entrants (usually 4-6 runs per entrant). Make sure to bring sunscreen and water. Additional water will be provided by Capital Z of Texas.

Award classes will include S30, S31, Z31, Z32, Z33, and Z34 stock as well as the accompanying modified classes.