A little about us…

ZCON is an International gathering of Datsun & Nissan Z car enthusiasts. It doesn’t just happen, it is crafted by lots of love and hard work. This year’s ZCON is arranged by the ZCCA and two ZCCA member car clubs:

Z Car Club Association

The Z Car Club Association (ZCCA) was incepted in 1990 as an effective way for Nissan Corporate to support the grassroots Z Car Club movement. The ZCCA consists of a dues structure, coordinated member club benefits, and elected committee members.
The ZCCA hosts ZCON annually with host clubs in cities across North America.

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Fairlady Alliance Club

Established in 2016, Fairlady Alliance is a non-profit car club dedicated to connecting automotive enthusiasts in the Atlanta area and educating them about the technical, historical, and cultural aspects of the Nissan Z car. They host monthly club meetings on the first Sunday each month as well as several club events throughout the year.

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Georgia Z Club

Established in 1991, Georgia Z Club is comprised of owners of Datsun/Nissan Z Cars and the Infiniti's influenced by them. The Georgia Z Club is for people who enjoy Datsun & Nissan Z car. They desire to embody the spirit of Yutaka Katayama’s motto of “Love cars. Love people. Love life."

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ZNationals Motorsports Festival

Z Nationals is an event focused on the Nissan Z family. Z Nationals gives you the opportunity to showcase your vehicle and participate in a variety of activities for owners and enthusiasts alike. Everyone is welcome; however only Z, Infiniti G, and GTR owners may participate in most of the events and be eligible for awards, prizes, and giveaways.

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