Yoshihiko Matsuo

In the mid 1960s, Nissan was one of the leading imports in America, but Yutaka Katayama wanted more. He wanted a car that would bring people into the showrooms. Yoshihiko Matsuo decided he was up for the challenge.

Come to ZCON to learn how Nissan went from Plan A

to Z.

Find out about different variations of the design that Matsuosan envisioned as he unknowingly created an automotive icon. If you’re lucky enough, maybe he will pose with your car.

For anybody who loves the early Z cars, his presentation is not to be missed.

Toshio Yamashita

In the mid 1980s, the first generation 300ZX was selling well. Like its predecessor, the 280ZX, you could easily see the DNA of the original Z car it the design, even if it didn’t share any sheet metal. Nissan was preparing to work on the follow-up to the Z31. Toshio Yamashita was ready. He didn’t want to hide in the shadows of a legend. He was going to create a new legend for the Z.

Yamasan always gives an energetic presentation on how he broke the mold for the Z car. Hear what he had to do to ensure his design made it from the design board to the showroom with as few changes as possible.

The 300ZX still looks modern almost 30 years after it was introduced. After sitting with Yamasan, you’ll know why.

Peter Brock

After penning the basic lines of the Corvette Stingray,

developing the next Ferrari killer with the Shelby Daytona Coupe,

and designing a racing car ahead of its time with the Hino Samurai,

what was Peter Brock to do next? Well, he established a relationship with Yutaka Katayama and took the SCCA by storm by organizing Brock Racing Enterprises and winning C Production championships with the 240Z and 2.5L Trans Am championships with the 510.

Can you imagine the racing stories he will bring to ZCON?

John Morton

Of course, BRE would not have won those championships without having a great driver. Peter Brock brought John Morton with him from Shelby to have the right guy behind the wheel.

Falling in love with cars at an early age, John knew he wanted to race. He went to a Shelby driving school where his instructor turned out to be an important man in John’s future, Peter Brock.

After winning the championships for BRE, John went on to drive renown cars like the BF Goodrich sponsored Porsche 962,

Group 44 Jaguar,

and Electromotive IMSA Nissan GTP.

Recently John Morton returned to Road Atlanta to drive a BRE 240Z in the Classic Motorsports Mitty. He’s familiar with the track again. Come to ZCON and maybe you’ll have a chance to ride some laps around Road Atlanta with him.