The Coastal Z Club is pleased to be your host
for the 24th Annual International Z Car Convention.

This year's event will be held in Savannah, GA from July 18-23, 2011

The members of The Coastal Z Club Convention Team, and the Z Car Club Association invite you to attend the 24th Annual ZCCA International Convention on Z Island! Technically, it's Hutchinson Island, but for our week together, we're renaming it!

Together, we have setup a tremendous adventure for our guests. From a true Resort for the Convention Headquarters(at almost half its normal price!), to an Indoor formally Judged car show, and a Modern Indy Lights Track-all within a 1/4 mile of each other and one of the largest Historic Districts in the nation, all steeped in the charming hospitality of the Hostess city of the South!!-But wait, there's more!  Free transportation across the river and throughout the Historic District no need to move your Z and hunt a parking place!! We think you will agree-this will be a Z convention to remember and an event not to be missed!

We have five days of Z immersion  planned, from Competitive Track events to satisfy your need for Zpeed, to panel discussions featuring the people who made the Z what it is, to demonstrations of products to make you Z even better, to exploration of  Savannahs' Colonial Intrigue, Mystery and Pirate history with Ghost Tours, Historic buildings, maritime wrecks, The beach, Military Forts, and backdrops for more books, television and movies  than you can shake a stick at-Did I forget to mention the Southern Comfort Food, Y'all-It is here too!

We Invite you to experience all of this and more, woven into the History and Culture that makes up our home, The Most Haunted City in America, and The Hostess city of the South, Savannah, Georgia!

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The Savannah International Trade and Convention Center and the Westin Spa and Golf Resort

River View ofSavannah Water front area

River Street from the Westin Court yardRiver Street from the Convention Center

We hope you will join us for the
2011 Z Car Convention in Savannah this summer!

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