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Savannah has the longest history of International Motorsports of any city in the United States, It was home to the Grand Prize of America Races-the first international Open Wheel races in the country, and the event that the track on Hutchenson Island was named after.  For 2011, track events will be held at the Grand Prize America Avenue two minutes from the Convention Headquarters!   We will be having lapped events and autocross, more details will be forthcoming as they are ironed out with the Buckaneer Region of the SCCA!

The surprising History of the Grand Prize of America Track and some driver comments are below. 

gpoa track

About the track

A group of automotive and racing enthusiasts and promoters with a working knowledge of Grand Prise America Avenue, start working  toward a partnership with CART, and in early 1997 forge a three year agreement that will bring Indy Lights racing to a Temporary street course built on Hutchinson Island  As a hommage to the actual Roots of open wheel racing, the track was ultimately named Grand Prize America Avenue.
To attract the serious racing elite, A 1.965-mile 10 turn banked track built for Indy Lights use- including all the features of a world-class road course-A combination of Circle, Oval, and Road tracks, it has two areas designed for passing, and with 10 banked curves in less than 2 miles, it has more transitions that most tracks, coupled with the other features of the track it is one of the most enjoyable tracks out there.
What people have said about the track:
1) Shortly after the track was completed,  Mark Blundell and Big Mo Gugelmin  praised the track saying it was one of the most interesting tracks they had competed on, and the fact that it was designed as a racing course made it more fun than a road that was simply fun to drive fast.
1) Jack Baldwin, a well known  series driver with more road course experience than most, said: “Turn one is cool. Our cars will do really well there.” and feels the sweeping first turn the best on the HSR circuit.  " All the turns are increasing-radius corners - they open up as you go through them,"  "Those are the most fun, and we don't see them on many of the tracks we usually run."
2)  Ted Wenz, a Formula 5000 competitor, said:  “It’s a ball to drive, I love it, ...Turn 1 is one of my favorite turns in all of racing. It (the course) has some banking that is very technical but it’s a great venue...It’s not like your standard street course because it was built as a permanent race track, ...Even though it’s fast, it’s a very safe track. Everyone has to deal with the same things, like the bumps (street crossings) on the golf course section, but that’s what makes it fun.
3) Long-time team owner/driver Jack Lewis said. “It’s a fantastic track. Turns 1 and 2 are the fastest turns anywhere. The back stretch is tight but fun to drive. The front straight is cambered, so the wall is right there. It separates the men from the boys if you want to run up close (to the wall). ...
4) Noted Instructor Peter Argensinger says: "The course is well laid out with FIA curbing, so it’s a very safe track as well,”
For the last two years, the track has been gaining recognition from hosting Historic Sportscar Racing, The motor sports events of the Hilton head Concours, and local enthusiast activities. 

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