HPDE Track Day at Harris Hill Road

22, June 2017
7:30 am – 5:00 pm

HPDE Track Day at Harris Hill Road

Location: Harris Hill Raceway – 2840 Harris Hill Rd, San Marcos, TX 78666

Timeline updates:
Participant arrival: 7:30am
Tech: 7:30 – 8:00am
Instructor meeting: 7:45am
Grid & Flagger meeting: 7:45am
Driver Meeting: 8:15am

The 2017 ZCON HPDE is being held at Harris Hill Raceway (H2R) in San Marcos, TX. A short 30 minute drive from the convention hotel, Harris Hill offers a fun-filled and challenging road course for all levels of drivers. Billed as “your own rollercoaster”, the track is easy enough for the novice driver to learn how to drive their car on a road course, but also offers challenges to the driver ready to start pushing the limit of their skills in a safe environment.

The track is a 1.82-mile, 11 turn asphalt course. The 36 foot wide track has over 150 feet of elevation change, including the 80-foot rise and drop of Turn 4, named Santa Rita (after the patron saint of the impossible task). There is a bit of everything included in the course, including increasing and decreasing radius turns, positive and negative camber (including both within the same corner), a long sweeper, and several blind corners. There is plenty of run-off and no walls, if you need the extra space!

The 6,000 square foot clubhouse offers a respite from the heat, and the porches overlooking the track enjoy the breeze that almost always is present.

Lunch will be available for separate purchase. You are also free to bring a picnic lunch and snacks if you prefer.

An air tank is available on-site, and gas stations are less than 8 miles from the track. We highly recommend filling your tank on the way to the track in the morning. Additional information on this will be provided to registered participants of the event.

Sunscreen is highly recommended, and you can bring chairs and pop-up tents for extra shade. The Capital Z of Texas club will be providing complementary water to all attendees for this event.

The format will include separate run sessions for various levels of driver experience and indoor classroom sessions for novice (green and blue) run group drivers. Novice drivers will have individual in-car instructors and participate in a lead-follow session. Intermediate and advanced drivers who have not driven at Harris Hill can have seat-checks with instructors or staff who have driven on the course previously. Participants will be emailed waiver and inspection forms and request for event participation for placement in correct run groups.

Participants must provide a technical inspection sheet for the vehicle that has been completed by your local mechanic. These will be reviewed and a sight inspection for safety items will be done before participation in the event. Sight inspection and paperwork will be done prior to the event day at the hotel (times & place to be set). All cars must pass a sound level test of 85dB(a) at the track property line, 99dB(a) trackside or 99dB(a) at 30 feet as sound tested in upper lot, whichever is louder.

No drugs or alcohol permitted on premises.

All pets must remain on leash and are not allowed in the paddock area. Children are welcome but must remain in clubhouse and adjacent grounds. Absolutely no children are allowed in the paddock area.

All ZCON attendees are welcome to spectate for this event at no cost. Spectators will be required to sign a waiver form upon arrival at the facility.

Instructors are needed for this event, with instructors having experience at Harris Hill Raceway being given preference. Please contact Marlene Van Sickle at treasurer@czot.org if interested in being an instructor for this event.

Here is a google maps route from the host hotel that includes a stop at a Sunoco gas station: