For 2010, the ZCCA has reserved the Nashville Super Speedway for motorsport activities.  Autocross is on Friday, July 30th and Hot-Lapping sessions are on August 1st.  Asphalt Ventures is running the Hot-Lapping sessions. These events are optional and will be limited in terms of the number of cars that may participate.

There will be mandatory safety requirements along with a mandatory PRE-CONVENTION tech inspection that must be done for all vehicles that may participate in the events.

More detailed information will be available the week of ZCON and the day of each of the motorsports events. See the event schdule for motorsport event arrival times.

Nashville Super Speedway - ~ 30 minutes from host hotel location.

Here's a closer look at just the track...  Note, the RED path is the road course.


Hooters girls to attend various events at this year convention, including the track day events. We thank the folks at Hooters of Nashville - Harding Place for their support.

See for more track information and for more infomation about Asphalt Ventures


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