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ZCON 2014
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Autocross / Driving school

The autocross event will be at one of the largest stadium parking lots in San Diego. This will also be a driving school with instructors to introduce you to the fun sport of autocross. Warning, this this activity is very addictive and can lead to the purchase of special tires and suspension modifications.

The autocross will have 4 run groups:

First time drivers - never done it but want to.

Novice - have tried it but not much seat time.

Experienced - know how fun it is and want more.

Advanced - years of autocross and track experience.

The format will be a little different. Each run group will be in grid but only a few cars will be in action. You will complete a lap and return to the hot pit area where you will wait a very short time before going back out for another lap. The hot pit area is where you can check tire pressure, get feedback from your instructor and focus on the track layout. After several laps you are finished and you return to the parking lot. There will be several cars on the track at one time but you will not get close to one or see one.
The morning will be the practice session and the afternoon will be recorded run times. You will get 6 runs in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.

Car classes:

240Z / 260Z

280Z / 280ZX

300Z (Z31 , Z32)

350Z 370Z

Each class will have a stock, modified and race category. Trophies will be awarded at the closing banquet for the classes listed above.

You may sign up for just the autocross (not ZCON 2014) but you will not be eligible for a trophy and you must have a Datsun / Nissan or Infinity vehicle.

Autocross will open at 7:00am, all participants must be signed in and pass tech inspection by 8:45am. First car out will be at 9:00am and we should finish by 4:00pm. This is a work / run autocross and all drivers will work the coarse in the practice session only. Helmets are required and they will be available for rent if you do not have one. Food trucks will be on site and you can bring your own lunch. There will be a very short lunch break. The people's choice car show will be close by and this will be the place to be if you are into Z cars.

Registration Cost- $55 pay at event

(Note: Those individuals that earlier paid $75 will be refunded $20 at the event. We appologize for any inconvenience)

PHONE: (858) 354-1992