COVID Statement relative to ZCON 2023



  • This material is intended to provide awareness of changes and updates on the ZCON 2023 event in Ontario, California. We are working to implement some changes in order to be able to continue having the event occur amid the current COVID situation and follow safety considerations being imposed by municipalities and our venues. Our goal is to inform to the best of our ability and continue to make preparations with safety in mind. There are no guarantees in life and while we will provide our efforts to implement safety standards throughout the event, we ask that guests consider that ZCON is a potentially large gathering of people with indoor and outdoor events.
  • This statement is NOT a replacement for your personal safety measures to be taken against COVID, please see and the recommended prevention and safety precautions. You are ultimately responsible for your own safety, but we're in this together. Our goal is to make your ZCON experience as fun and safe as reasonably possible. If you are NOT comfortable and have registered, please contact us regarding a refund (see updated cancellation policy below).

CDC and Hotel COVID Guidelines

  • We highly recommend reviewing and following CDC guidelines (
  • The host hotel where Registration, Banquets and other events within the ZCON event schedule has been advising on their precautionary measures during ZCON week. There will be a variety of sanitization (hand-sanitizer) stations throughout the hotel and extra measures are being taken by the hotel staff relative to cleanliness.
  • The ZCON staff will work to limit the Event Registration room and make hand sanitizers and masks available throughout ZCON week.Have questions or concerns? Please email us at:


Cancellation Policy Update

  • As of March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of coronavirus (aka COVID, or COVID-19) to be a global pandemic. Since then the outbreak has impacted a variety of events and our government and associated venues have taken steps to slow the spread. In response, we are providing the following COVID extenuating circumstances policy statement regarding ZCON 2022.
  • Reservations from Domestic U.S. based attendees made for ZCON 2023 (Weekend or Full Week passes) for the July/August event may be cancelled up to 3/31/2023. After that time, we will have made financial payments for various events, merchandise and other related ZCON event expenses that will not permit a refund EXCEPT in the event that the COVID situation forces a postponement and/or cancellation of the event. After that date, there will not be any full refunds and requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis AFTER the event is concluded.
  • Reservations from our International attendees - will follow the same guidelines above. Should a border be closed or other impact outside of your control, please simply email us and we'll work to resolve the cancellation with you.
  • We will be making reasonable attempts to socialize this change via mass-email and on social media with reference to this page's updates to ZCON 2023. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at:


We look forward to seeing our Z-family in California in 2023!!