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Car Show
Track Day

Car Show
Sponsored by:

 The National Guard Armory in Manchester
  • Rain or Shine: 130 cars can be accommodated indoors if necessary.
  • Ample Parking outside ( over 250 spaces )
  • The site is Handicap accessible.
  • Direct access to load and unload Z’s  - No Ramps
  • Load in may start the day before depending on weather conditions.
  • All judged cars will be either inside or outside.
  • The ZCCNE will make every effort to make the car show and judging process to ZCCA Rules painless and quick.
Other Notes:
  • Local Fire and Police policies apply – ( All have been negotiated )
  • All licenses will be obtained in accordance with the City of Manchester. 
  • We will have the hall for two days to allow “load in” and setup the day prior to the show.
  • Security will be provided.
  • Mad Mike is not allowed to play with tanks or other dangerous military devices.

UniqueAngle Photography will be providing photographic coverage of the 2003 Fall Foliage Z Club Convention.  Photographic options will include digital and 35mm services. To be sure you get the event photos you want, by signing up at Monday's registration at the Crowne Plaza.

2003 Convention Car Show
FAQ and General Data
  • ZCCA Rules will apply.  We encourage that all show participants read the rules and how cars are classed before registering the car. Any of the convention contacts can help you if you are not sure. There is a link on this site to the rules and guidelines.
  • The show is outdoors unless weather requires us to have the show indoors. We have provisions for both.
  • Every car will be pre-classed prior to the show . This will save time and insure everyone is in the right class.
  • Your registration package will have your car number for the show as well as the other track and motor sport events.  This may not correspond to your registration. This must remain on the car for the length of the convention. There will also be a registration sheet with your number in your Welcome Package.
  • There will be a class for each vintage and classification. The only exception is Ultra Modified, where all vintages are classed together.
  • If there are only two cars in a class, there will be only one award. Three cars will yield 2 awards. Four cars and above will yield 3 awards.
  • Gold Medallion and Gold Cup cars will be allowed to compete in a special class for them. This will be a Peoples Choice Award. Only the primary registrant will vote. These cars will not be required to pay the show registration fee per ZCCA by laws. 
  • To allow “proper” time to judge the cars, only a certain number will be allowed to compete. This will be on a first come first serve basis. Upon registering, we will inform you if there is no spaces left. 
  • Based on the above, and based on interest, there may be a Peoples Choice Award for non-judged cars. To identify the number of cars interested, it is noted already on the registration form.
  • All cars meeting the ZCCA requirements for Gold Medallion or Gold Cup consideration will be held for review by the Gold Medallion/Gold Cup Review committee. If the car is not there at the time it is needed, they will be disqualified for consideration.
  • As it pertains to the Gold Medallion and Gold Cup:  This is a separate competition for these elite awards. To qualify, one must achieve a minimum of 280 points from the main competition. The Gold Medallion and Gold Cup judging will not have an effect on the standings of the main competition. This includes Best of Show – Best Engine and Best Interior. This insures all cars in the same class in the same competition are judged consistently. Remember the Gold Medallion and Gold Cup awards are different that the main competition. 
  • The ZCCNE will insure all scoring sheets will be mailed with 4 week on the close of the convention.
  • There will be a class for the 350Z – Stock and 350Z – Street Modified.
  • If you have any other questions please address them to the ZCCNE contacts for the Convention.