ZCCA Judged Car Show

The schedule for ZCON 2022 will incorporate our concours-style Judged Car Show at the spacious BJCC (Convention Center in downtown Birmingham) and a Saturday All-Nissan/Infiniti People's Choice Car Show.

The Wednesday Judged Show will provide AIR-CONDITIONED indoor space for our VENDORS/SPONSORS and attendees.  Concessions will be open and some tables/chairs available with a view of the car show field. We may have an opportunity to pre-stage/load judged cars and vendors Tuesday evening prior to the show - stay tuned.

For Judging Classes and rules - please read the ZCCA Judging Manual here:

The address for the BJCC is: 1 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203

All Nissan-Infiniti Saturday Car Show

Saturday will be at an outdoors venue, but we plan on providing some shade to help alleviate the July-sun.

We plan on music, food vendors and other fun for the day...awards for the People's Choice show will be awarded AT the show (typically ~2pm) and bucket-raffles will be pulled at the show as well (don't forget your tickets!!).

Award categories will provide placements by Z-Generation, along with Datsun and Infiniti categories.