Cahaba Brewing - ZCON Hump DaZe!

Our Wednesday evening social night, the ZCON "Hump DaZe" tradition lives on for ZCON 2022.  The venue will be the Cahaba Brewing Co. located at: 4500 5th Ave South Building C, Birmingham, Alabama 35222.

Social Night at the brewery is an optional-fee event when you register for the full-week ZCON pass.  Air-conditioned, Motorcoach services will be provided with your ticket to the evening, along with a dinner-ticket/voucher and drink-tickets.  Tickets may be redeemed for Cahaba's beers, wine or well-style mixed drinks.

Enjoy an atmosphere of music and social-comradery with your fellow ZCON guests. Play a round or two of pinball, skee-ball, or corn-hole...we have the tap-room and front of the brewery reserved just for our event.