Media Inquiries

Welcome to ZCON - the 37th International Z Car Convention, put on by the Z Car Club Association and our local host clubs. We appreciate your interest in covering our event. To ensure a smooth and successful media coverage experience, we have established the following rules and guidelines. Please read and adhere to these guidelines for the duration of the event.


  • Media Passes:
    All media representatives must have a valid media pass issued by ZCON. Without a media pass, access to certain areas may be restricted.
  • Registration:
    Media personnel are required to register in advance through our official media registration process. On-site registration may be limited, or denied entirely.  Inquire with the ZCON media team by sending an email to: and someone will contact you.

Conduct and Professionalism

  • Professionalism:
    Media representatives are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Respect the privacy and space of attendees, participants, and fellow media colleagues.
  • Interviews and Interactions:
    Prioritize scheduled interviews and interactions with participants. Obtain consent before recording or taking photographs of individuals.

Equipment and Technology

  • Photography and Recording: Photography and recording are permitted in designated areas. However, please respect any restrictions on flash photography or disruptive recording.
  • Drones: The use of drones for aerial photography is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from ZCON.

Content Usage and Rights

  • Copyright: All media content, including photographs and videos, remain the property of the content creator. However, ZCON reserves the right to use and share media content for promotional purposes.
  • Commercial Use: Media content captured at the event may not be used for commercial purposes without explicit permission from ZCON.

Media Center & Releases

  • Press Releases and Information:
    Official press releases and event information will be distributed through the ZCON media team. Check regularly for updates.

Compliance and Enforcement

  • Compliance: Failure to comply with these rules may result in the revocation of media credentials and removal from the event premises.
  • Security: Follow the instructions of ZCON Staff at all times.