A Nissan Z winner will be drawn on September 14, 2024!

ZCON is enlisting leading aftermarket vendors to participate as "build" partners in our upcoming Nissan Z build.  Tickets are now available, and you do not need to be present to win (though it's more exciting to do so).

The "ZCON 2024" build will showcase the enthusiasm for the Nissan Z by enhancing the platform with some of the best modifications available through these brands and volunteer efforts of our ZCON team to create the end-result.

A neutral third-party will be enlisted to draw the winner - drawing will be held September 14, 2024!

FAQ's & Legal Stuff:

Q: When can I buy tickets and How?
A: Tickets will become available by 1/1/2024 and will be sold HERE on the ZCON website for $50 per Entry.

Q: Who is Eligible?
A: Anyone except ZCON organizers who purchases a ticket through the ZCON is eligible to win.

Q: Must I be present?
A: NO - but if you are NOT present, you must quickly make arrangements with ZCON staff to pick up the car and handle paperwork.

Q: Will I have to pay taxes if I win the ZCON Raffle Z?
A: Sales and/or other taxes are the responsibility of the winner.

Q: Who and How will the winner be drawn?
A: The ZCCA will be enlisting a third-party entity that specializes in conducting "drawings" for vehicles.  You may have seen other raffles executed by one of these third parties online for other organizations.




"ZCON" (the International Z Car Convention) is an event organized by the Z Car Club Association, a 501c not-for-profit organization.

"Nissan" and "Z" are registered trademarks of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Is your company interested in becoming a "Build" partner for our Nissan Z raffle?  Drop a note to us at: info@zcon.org.