The secret to success: Teamwork

Volunteering to bring you ZCON 2023

This year's ZCON team is a combination of Group Z Sports Car Club and Z Car Club Association volunteers working to bring you a memorable event.

Group Z, the ZCCA...and ZCON are not-for-profit organizations.

Event Chairs:

Jeff Agner
Izzy Mamay


Chris Karl
Mark Lambert
Mike Gin


Malko Izurieta

Ian Stewart

Andy Kroko


Tom Clark
Robby Atchison



Dennis Wittekind
Jeff McNeff

Mauricio Gonzalez

Barry Andersen


Social Events:

Z Club of Texas (Chili Party)
Jeff Agner/Izzy Mamay (Hump Daze)

Area Drives:

Group Z Sports Car Club (Team)

Car Shows:


Fred Buoni (Judged)
Josh Lyman (People's Choice)
Cade Mertens (People's Choice)

Fernando Guerra

Larry Shelton


Jeff Agner

Andy Kroko

Justin Eastman
Brad Richardson

Social Media:

Andy Kroko

Josh Lyman
Chris Karl

Special Guest Services:

Cade Mertens

Jeff Agner

Graphic Design:

Matt Gabe

Mame Ozizo

Hector Cademartori